Web portals

We have extensive experience in the development of general information and thematic portals that are able to support extensive user traffic. As a result, we know how to design a website that respects all the principles of usability, thus allowing for simple and intuitive navigation. Our web portals offer a wide range of functions that can be further developed, depending on the individual needs of our clients.

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Modern, useful
and reliable web portals

Due to their size, various web portals must comply with specific technological and functional requirements. The solutions developed for our projects focus on usability, visibility of content and user-friendly navigation. We know that when it comes to web portal design, the priority is the use of solutions that allow the end-users to reach the desired information in the most seamless and fastest way. This can be achieved mainly by respecting the UX guidelines and by perfecting the graphics in every detail. We also know how important it is to use reliable and efficient technologies in portal design. That's why we provide robust solutions that will support extensive user traffic and activity within the portal, such as submitting announcements, comments and forum posts.​

Development of social networking sites tailored to the needs
of your end-users

Our agency develops social web portals that allow for a variety of interactions between the user and the system, and between the users themselves. In order to ensure high performance and reliability of individual functions and tools created for social networking sites, we use only the proven and robust technologies. We are also aware that the content is not the only factor that contributes to the success of a social networking site. Another important elements are the mechanisms used to maximise the user engagement. In our agency, every project starts with a thorough analysis of the target group and specific objectives of the social networking site, as these are the key factors that determine the methods of graphic and functionality design.​

Rich functionality of our portal system

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are to able to provide you with an information, thematic or social network site equipped with tools and functionality tailored to the needs of your users. Prior to execution of any project, we offer professional advice on the planned functionality of the web portal in order to help you adapt it to your target group. We are able to develop every tool you need.

Comprehensive technical and marketing support for you web portal

We are aware that the development of the web portal tailored to your business needs is only half the battle. Our next step towards the success is the constant increase of user engagement. You can build the community around your portal by providing unique, valuable content to attract your users. Another way to support your website is the appropriate promotion on the Internet. We are able to provide you with the marketing support for your portal using a variety of e-marketing tools, including search engine marketing and optimisation. What is more, we can help you create advertising banners that will allow you to promote the products and services of your users. We also provide technical support and hosting services that can be crucial in the event of increase in popularity of your web portal.

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