Internet advertising

Our agency will provide you with a complex marketing plan and ensure its step by step on-line implementation. Our ten years of experience in the field of interactive media allows us to provide reliable guidelines for various types of on-line promotion. Our agency is able to implement a dedicated SEO or sponsored links campaign, and to provide professional support for your social media sites in order to maximise the on-line visibility of your business and ensure its professional image.

Website and on-line store positioning in the search engine

Search engine optimisation requires laborious and systematic work that ultimately results in better visibility of your company on the Internet. We know exactly what a good position of a website entails, and how to achieve it. We utilise our knowledge and experience in this area to ensure the best position of your company's website, thus increasing your sales and customer traffic.

Development and support of AdWords and marketing campaigns

Our agency prepares efficient marketing campaigns in the Google advertising network. Thanks to sponsored links you will be able to attract potential customers who seek information about any offer closely related to your industry. What is more, a dedicated ad will track the users who have visited your website or on-line store at least once.

Your company on Facebook

We can use the social networking nature of Facebook in order to make it a perfect tool for promoting your company or brand, or communicating directly with your customers. Our agency will develop a detailed Facebook strategy for your company, prepare unique and valuable content, contests and promotional campaigns, and lead a dialogue with your fans.

Efficient content marketing and copywriting

Our team will prepare the substantive and graphic elements of the unique and valuable content for you website or on-line store. Our professional and experienced copywriter, with the assistance of our marketing specialist and the creative department, will prepare your text and graphic materials based on the detailed analysis of your industry, your specific communication goals, your competition, and the target group you would like to reach. Our content is created in close cooperation with the client in order to fully meet their business goals and build the brand identity. This approach allows our clients to create their professional image more effectively in the eyes of their customers. Another advantage of content marketing is the increase in traffic and visibility of the website in search engines.

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