Dedicated applications

We are able to create the most advanced on-line tools that will improve the functioning of your company or institution to the maximum extent possible. Our specialities include CRM management systems, dedicated web applications, e-learning platforms, intranets, complex calculators and configurators. The process of implementation of dedicated web applications takes place in close cooperation with the client. With precise knowledge of the industry and the customer environment, we are able to develop solutions tailored to their needs, and when necessary, expand additional functionalities.

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Dedicated B2B ordering systems

Describe your industry and the characteristics of the goods you sell or manufacture, tell us how you would like to manage your orders, and we will prepare a fully functional B2B ordering system that will maximally improve the ordering process between your company and your business partners. Our B2B systems are based on advanced software, allowing for comprehensive and automated management of on-line orders – from order acceptance, through shipping, to invoicing.

E-learning platforms

E-learning is a method of learning with the help of the Internet. This type of solutions effectively supports the process of implementation of a variety of courses, trainings or faculties – without leaving your home. Our IT specialists will provide you with a dedicated e-learning tool to support the training of your employees or students of public/language schools. Such systems can be equipped with many useful features, such as lesson creation, provision of educational materials, tools for on-line testing, or broad permission-defining capabilities for both teachers and students. In this type of projects we use only proven and reliable server technologies, capable of supporting multiple users at the same time.

On-line product configurators

If your product is sold in many different options or offers various features that can be combined (such as appearance, materials or other), it is a good idea to provide your customers with a configurator that will effectively allow them to design their own products. These tools are often provided in the clothing, printing, carpentry and construction industries, where a wide range of products allows customers to create various modifications. Users of the store or portal that allows them to independently develop graphic design or technical specifications will undoubtedly appreciate this functionality, which will directly influence the company's conversion rate.

Manage your company more effectively thanks to our CRM system

Our agency specialises in the design and implementation of advanced on-line Customer Relationship Manager systems. This type of software is always developed in close cooperation with the client, which allows us to get to know the specifics of their industry and the management methodology used in their company. This in turn enables us to offer the best solutions tailored to their individual needs. The clients for whom we have developed our CRM tools have significantly increased the effectiveness of their projects, which in turn resulted in considerable time and money savings, increase in the quality of the implemented projects, and, above all, gave them better control of their business.

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