August 2005
The great launch of and our first company website. We are young, fast, innovative and confident about our capabilities.
March 2007
There is a lot going on! That's why we are moving our company's headquarters to a larger office located in Z. Augusta Street in Limanowa.
March 2009
We grow in strength! Przemek (our current IT team leader) joins the agency. Our office is being extended. We serve dozens of clients. We also launch our refreshed company website.
June 2010
Intellect occupies the space of 45 square metres and employs 5 people. In the meantime, we are launching our new company website and constantly gaining new clients.
July 2012
Our headquarters are expanding – we continue to implement our on-line projects on the area of 90 square meters. New specialists join our team. The whole crew consists of 14 people. Also, a new version of the company website is published.
February 2013
We create Navifleet – an independent Intellect brand. In addition, a part of our IT department is developing an increasingly popular professional GPS vehicle monitoring system.
May 2013
Another person on board. Sławek, our third Account Manager, joins our team. The number of clients we serve reaches approximately 650.
December 2013
Intellect consists of 19 people – it is getting crowded, so we are planning to move to a new office. Our portfolio already consists of nearly 900 successful implementations for clients from various industries and public institutions.
March 2014
Revolution in Intellect: after several years of operation, we are changing our headquarters! The new office is a modern and comfortable space of 350 square metres. What's more, our team continues to grow.
October 2014
We launch a new responsive portal, where we present over 1000 Internet projects we have implemented. The agency team consists of 26 exceptional professionals.
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