Customer Service
Our specialists from the Customer Service Department are at your disposal. We are able to provide you with professional support at every stage of your project. We will prepare a dedicated offer for your company, develop a detailed specification, select the best solutions, and guide the work in a way which allows us to quickly and efficiently achieve our goal – your success.

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Stanisław Duda
IT Director
tel. +48 511 810 020
Maria Rosiek
Account Manager
tel. +48 662 499 381
Sławomir Turkiewicz
Account Manager
tel. +48 18 88 80 240
Wojciech Smoleń
Key Account Manager
tel. +48 696 122 100
Krzysztof Dusza
Key Account Manager
tel. +48 662 499 380
Dominik Piętoń
UX Specialist
tel. +48 571 252 173
Anna Dudczyk
tel. +48 500 307 390

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