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for your company's image on the Internet
We are Intellect. We are a tight-knit team of the Internet and modern technology enthusiasts. On the web we feel at home. That is why for the last ten years we have been assisting our clients from various industries and institutions, helping them succeed on the Internet, and supporting their on-line image and sales. We trust in new technologies, and our clients trust us; plus, they appreciate the experience, professionalism and commitment that we offer. We create professional websites, on-line stores, web portals and dedicated web applications. We provide e-marketing services and implement comprehensive visual identity strategies for brands and companies. Together, we efficiently pursue our small, medium and large Internet challenges.
The most important asset of Intellect is our team. It is composed of 25 professionals who have managed to combine their work with passion and hobby. Together we will make sure that your company succeeds on the Internet.
A decade is a long time. During that period, we have developed proven methods for executing the most complex Internet projects.
During the ten years of its operation, our agency have completed over 1000 website designs for a variety of industries and public institutions. Each of them we treated as our mission.
40 percent of our 500 satisfied clients recommends the services of our agency to their clients, friends and business partners.
The history of our company See our beginnings and first
websites. Check out what we have achieved over
the ten years of our operation, and how strong we are today.

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Maria Rosiek
Account Manager
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Sławomir Turkiewicz
Account Manager
tel. +48 18 88 80 240